Sunday, December 8, 2013

Spem habeamus (Rom 15:4).

Let's have hope.

It sometimes seems that your life is hopeless. But if you read the Scripture and meditate on the Word of God carefully, you receive the light of hope. Consequently, the Word of endurance and encouragement grants you wisdom to think optimistically. Furthermore, if you belong to the community which gathers to read the Bible, you experience the power of the divine Word. In this way you strengthen the relationship with Jesus Christ and other people. You trust and love much more not only God, but also your sisters and brothers. For the voice of the Holy Spirit changes your attitude towards your neighbours and the way of thinking. Thus, you can be an apostle of good tidings and show God's truthfulness. You give the powerful testimony and confirm that the holy Scripture leads you to the closer relationships. Finally, your life becomes the song of worship and glorifying God for his mercy.

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