Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Ad te, Domine (Ps 25:1).

Again and again I lift up my soul to you, o Lord. For I trust in you and hope not to be ashamed. There are still so many troubles and anxieties in my life. In addition, some people make me confused and distressed. They want to change my attitude towards you. Nevertheless, I come to you and pray eagerly not to lose my faith. I ask you to show and teach me your paths. I pray to the Lord so that he guide me in his truth. I need his compassion and kindness. Since I am a fragile person who can be easily hurt and broken. With confidence I approach him because of his goodness and mercy. I am sure that he will take care of me and lead me through life. I try to be humble and listen carefully to his precepts. So I spread out my hands and pour out my prayer. In this way I show my love to the Lord who is merciful to me. Every time I meet him I am healed by his divine grace. With new strength I fulfill my tasks and follow the example of Jesus Christ.

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