Monday, June 22, 2015

De terra tua (Gn 12:1).

The essential thing in the life of believer is listening to God. Since God keeps communicating his divine will to men but they often are not able to recognize it. Therefore so important is to hear and follow the ordinances from the Lord. Thus you know what is your vocation and your future. The Father's plans are always optimistic for the beloved children. Although he sometimes makes you change your life and overcome the difficulties, he eventually does it for your spiritual progress. God's promises for the believers are full of hope and good fortune. For the Lord blesses all the actions of his disciples and supports them against the evil.
So let the Lord direct you and show you the right path in your life. Do not be afraid to obey his commands but trust him wholeheartedly. When you travel from one place to another, remember to ask God to lead you. Pray and keep contact with your heavenly Father. Through his holy angels he will guide you and share with you his secrets. In this way you will know where to stay and when to go further. With God's grace and blessing you will achieve more experience and prudence. You will also be an example for the people who do not know how to listen to God carefully and follow his precepts.

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