Sunday, December 20, 2015

In montana cum festinatione (Lc 1: 39).

Before Christmas you are to set out to overcome your daily routine. Because it is a special time to start something new. You need to forget about your past sins and weaknesses. Now it is time to search for holiness. Obviously, it is not easy. Nonetheless, even if your paths lead through the hill country of difficulties and distress, you cannot give up. On the contrary, you must go in haste as long as you are led by the Holy Spirit.
You are to enter the chamber of God's presence and to meet the holy people whose life is a journey too. Furthermore, you ought to support other pilgrims on the road. You are to share the Good News which you hear from the angel and find in the Holy Bible. You must carefully listen to the gentle voice of your heart and your companion who is with you.
Subsequently, you will feel deep in your soul that you are on the right path. Since you will be filled with the goodness and kindness which come from above. You will be eager to cry out in a loud voice that God chooses you as a beloved child and wants you to become blessed as well.
It is good to know that you also are the chosen one to do wonderful things. In addition, your vocation is to perform miracles among others and to share with them the blessed fruit of your life.
During coming Christmas you ought to discover that you are called to have the intimate relationship with God who is your beloved Father. Thus, you will truly be the happiest person in the world who leaps with joy. For you will experience by yourself that what is spoken to you by the angel is being fulfilled.

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