Thursday, November 14, 2013

A longe (Lk 17:12).

From a distance ...

Jesus comes to your area to meet you. However, it is you who are to be prepared for this meeting. You might have a lot of work to do but first of all you must be aware of his visiting. You are to call his name to help you survive in the days of trouble. You cannot stop calling his holy name but rather ask him to bless you. The Lord always answers and gives you advise. He shows what you are supposed to accomplish. Further, he cleanses you from your iniquities and egoistic ideas. Consequenlty, you realize that it is only God who is needed in your life. As a result you give him thanks and glorify him all the time. You adore the Holy Sacrament so as to strengthen the relationship. Thus, you experience joy and divine peace fulfill your soul. Eventually, the distance from the Lord disappear completely and you become similar to him.

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