Friday, November 15, 2013

In quibus non subest scientia Dei (Wis 13:1).

In ignorance of God.

I am lucky because I have known God since my childhood. I am able to recognize him in the beauty of creation. Although I cannot see him face to face, I meet him in the miracles of nature. Since everything speaks about the Creator and announces his glory. For that reason, I am glad and praise the splendor of God. At the same time, I am worried because many people neither believe in God nor want to find him. They seem to have their eyes closed not to see the Lord. Nevertheless, the heavens and the earth proclaim the majesty of Creator. Thus, everyone is supposed to find out that God takes care of his creatures and gives them life. Had he not loved the world, he would have never created it. Therefore, do not be ignorant but raise your hands to God and respond to his great love. As a result, you will rejoice in his presence and find peace for your troubled heart.

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