Sunday, November 3, 2013

Gutta roris antelucani (Wis 11:22).

A drop of morning dew.

In comparison with God, I am to be humble. Since God is the Creator of the whole universe and I am only a tiny part of it. He is everlasting and I can live just for a short time. He is holiness and I commit sins all the time. Nevertheless, he is merciful for me as I regret. Moreover, the Lord loves me so much that I am not able to comprehend it. By his grace I can survive and overcome all the difficulties in my life. For he is a lover of my soul and his imperishable spirit lives in me. Therefore, I praise his holy name and bless my Lord every day. I thank him for his kindness and compassion towards me. I wish all people did the same and were faithful as well. I would like to discourse of his glory and to speak of his might. I also want to share with others my hope and faith. Accordingly, I pray for all that our God may make us a community of his beloved children.

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