Monday, November 25, 2013

Ad vitam et pietatem (2 Pet 1:3).

A life of genuine piety.

Everyone needs grace to live a peaceful life. This grace is the divine power which enables people to be holy. However, not everybody is open enough to understand it. Sometimes this truth is hidden from the human mind. Therefore, very important is to remind others about the power of the Holy Spirit that makes the children of God sharers of the divine nature. For each man may attain virtue and faith, and discernment, and self-control, and perseverance. In this long process the child of God is being encouraged to love one another. The best example is the Son of God whose life was full of love towards his Father and people. Accordingly, Christians are to make their election permanent so as not to be lost. They should try to be pious all the time in order to enter into the everlasting kingdom. That is the main goal and sense of human life and vocation.

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