Tuesday, November 12, 2013

In incorruptibilitate (Wis 2:23).

To be imperishable.

We sometimes feel weak and exhausted but it is only our body which announces this fact. For our spirit is usually strong and can overcome all the difficulties. This is a divine part which never perishes but lasts forever. Obviously, our spiritual part is also in danger because of the devil who tempts us all the time. Nonetheless, we are not afraid as we know that our soul is in the hand of God. Although we may experience pain and death, we cannot be destroyed. Being under God's wings we live in peace and our hope is full of immortality. Consequently, every trouble helps and prepares us so that we may be greatly blessed and chastised in the end. Since God never lets his creature be lost but rather comes with his powerful grace to save. Overall, his will is to make us shine and rejoice in his kingdom where the Lord is King. Therefore, we should trust in him and respond to his everlasting love.

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