Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sub umbra alarum tuarum protege me (Ps 17:15).

Hide me in the shadow of your wings.

My desire is to be with the Lord. As I walk on the earth, see the beauty of the creatures, meet the interesting people, I long to abide with God. Nobody and nothing can replace this strong desire of mine. I also spend time on prayer and meditate on the Scripture, but it is still not enough for me. In addition, I try to keep his commandments, though I make mistakes which I do not want. Nevertheless, there is a strong longing in my soul to hear his voice and embrace him. Although I know that he is looking at me all the time, I would like to feel his holy presence and the touch of his Spirit. I long to be hidden in the shadow of his wings and to rejoice in him. Since I am certain that when his glory appears, my joy will be full. So I keep asking him to encourage and strengthen me in my everyday life: May the Holy Spirit direct me to the stronger love of God and to the endurance of Jesus Christ. 

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