Friday, November 8, 2013

Consecrans evangelium Dei (Rom 15:16).

In performing the priestly service...

I am a priest called to be a minister of Christ. It is a great dignity and the matter of vocation. Though I even do not know why it was me to be chosen as a missionary. Actually there were more people better prepared but the Lord looked on me and invited to be his special follower. This happened thanks to the grace given me by the Holy Spirit. Consequently, I am able to perform the priestly service of the Gospel so as to help others. I believe that the Word of God is acting through my ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit. Furthermore, I have many proofs how the divine grace has worked through me and done miracles. For instance, in the sacrament of penitence God has already changed loads of human hearts and in the Eucharist sanctified many. I have seen those wonders and testify that it is the truth. However, I have not finished preaching the Gospel of Christ yet. I expect that much more wonderful things will happen in my life. Since I am going to proclaim the Good News to the people who need it most in the world.

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