Friday, November 29, 2013

Appropinquat redemptio vestra (Lk 21:28).

Your redemption is at hand.

Your life might be in danger. Since many accidents happen, people pass away and you do not know the future. You may always be hurt or get seriously sick. You are not able to control everything. You can only escape from the difficult situation and pay attention not to engage in the dangerous endeavours. Nevertheless, you are sometimes in the circumstances which make you suffer. In this case, you must be courageous and keep faith in the Son of God. As he survived the pains of cross, you also can do the same. To make it possible, you ought to trust in the power of the Holy Spirit. Since God does save his holy ones and never lets them be destroyed. For that reason, you should praise and exalt him above all forever. You also are to stand erect and to raise your voice of worship even if darkness and dark clouds surround you. The more complicated matters become, the closer your Redeemer is. 

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