Saturday, November 16, 2013

Meditamini in omnibus mirabilibus eius (Ps 105:2).

Proclaim all his wondrous deeds.

I often forget the marvels God has made for me. Although thousands of them happened in my life. First of all, the miracle of conception and the gift of soul. Further, health and happiness among the members of my extended family. Also the fact that as an altar boy I grew up near the church and received the holy sacraments. Thus, the grace of the Holy Spirit led me from the very beginning. Moreover, the friendly people I met and travelled with through the beautiful mountains. Then, the hurtful events which strengthened me rather than made me depressed. Despite them, I finished a good primary and secondary school, later theological and philological studies, took temporary and final vows, and was ordained in 2006. Since the ordination I have been serving the people in need by the holy sacraments and especially reconciliation. In such a way, the divine grace works in me and it is the greatest gift of the beloved Father. 

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