Thursday, November 7, 2013

Qui non baiulat crucem suam (Lk 14:27).

Whoever does not carry own cross.

Every morning I need to take my own cross. This cross is my daily routine, tasks and obligations. Nobody else can replace me in this job. I must do it myself. But it is not only my cross. Others have their own crosses which are to be carried too. To take one's cross is to follow Jesus Christ. For the Son of God teaches how to carry the daily burden in order to be his disciple. First of all, I am to carry it with love towards the people who accompany me. Thus, I can follow the example of my Master and love the heavenly Father. As a result, I am able to participate in the divine community of love. Such love is between the Father and the Son and is called the Holy Spirit. Therefore, carrying my daily cross with love in heart is the sign that the Spirit of God rests upon me.  

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