Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Depositio tabernaculi mei (2 Pet 1:14).

I must fold my tent.

There are many things we must do every day. But the most important is to remember Jesus Christ our Lord. His example of love and sacrifice should strengthen us to take care of each other. Yet his life was not imaginary but real. This is a reason we are also able to follow his footsteps. In this way our sisters and brothers can see that we live as he lived and pay attention to the holy Gospel. Moreover, they might experience that miracles happen nowadays too. Since the grace of the Holy Spirit is present among us and through us. Consequently, in our words and deeds others can perceive the divine power. Obviously, it is not easy to love as the Son of God loved the humankind but we try our best to be imitators of Christ. Overall, we do trust in his prophetic message and enlighten our neighbours with the light of the Word. Thus, we give testimony to God and fulfill his precepts.

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