Monday, November 4, 2013

Sine paenitentia vocatio Dei (Rom 11:29).

The call of God is irrevocable.

Despite our mistakes, God always loves us. He wants us to exist as his beloved children. He takes care of us even if we do not care about it. In addition, he is ready to forgive everything and to bless us. For he is full of riches such as wisdom and knowledge. He does not keep the precious things for himself but shares them with us. However, we are not able to comprehend the divine mysteries but only approach them. Since we see from the distance and there is still a long way unless we enter the heavenly kingdom. Now we are often afflicted and in pain so we need God's saving help to protect us. We are the lowly ones and he is looking at us from above. Nonetheless, he hears our cries and revives our hearts with his grace. If we are in ruin, he rebuilds us and strengthens us. Therefore, we are to remain in his word so as to be his faithful disciples. In such a way, we will understand the truth that the call of God is irrevocable.

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