Thursday, October 31, 2013

Caritas Christi (Rom 8:35).

The love of Christ.

God's love towards us has revealed itself in Jesus Christ. Through his example, life and death, he showed us how strong the divine love is. Furthermore, he has always been for us and ready to help us. Consequently, nothing is able to seperate us from the love of the Son of God. Although in anguish or distress, we are supported by his Spirit. For that reason, we are not afraid even to sacrifice our life. For we are assured that we will conquer in the end thanks to the divine grace. Therefore, we keep praying and asking the Lord to be with us all the time. Because apart of him we are wretched and poor. We need his mercy and kindness as we commit sins and fall. Nonetheless, he stands at the right hand of his children to save us if only we turn to him earnestly. Overall, he yearns to gather us together in the heavenly kingdom due to his everlasting love. 

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