Friday, October 18, 2013

Prope est Dominus (Ps 145:18).

The Lord is near.

I strongly believe that my Lord is close at hand. For I recognize his presence in the surrounding world. I meditate on the wonderful glory of his Kingdom and want to share it with my sisters and brothers. Then, I give him thanks that he is faithful and blesses me all the time. I cannot be silent because he still broadens my heart to love more eagerly. I am going to be just and holy in all my works. So I need his help and call upon him waiting for his grace patiently. He reminds me of my vocation so as to bear fruit that will last. He encourages me to be a humble witness to the Gospel. Accordingly, I share his divine peace with the people I meet in my life. I am not worried because my Lord is walking with me. Overall, I have never been alone since the Kingdom of God moved in my soul. 

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