Saturday, October 12, 2013

Exsultet terra (Ps 97:1).

Let the earth rejoice!

God wants me to rejoice and to be glad. However, I forget what my vocation is and follow my own ideas. Moreover, I often put myself in the centre of the universe and am surprised that I become sad. This place is reserved only for the Lord who is the King of the universe and I should circle round him fulfilling his holy will. In this way happiness and peace will come back to me. Furthermore, the Spirit of God is the source of all good things. For that reason it does not make sense to try to live without his grace. I am rather to look for the light for my heart and gladness in the Lord. Otherwise, I will walk in darkness and feel depressed. My vocation is to dwell under God's wings and to be secure in him. Overall, he is my beloved Father who has created me so as to rejoice and to attain the everlasting joy. 

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