Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ex fide in fidem (Rom 1:17).

From faith to faith.

I can progress in faith thanks to the Bible. For meditating on the words of God I try to live according to them. Every day I reveal the new message which the Holy Spirit sends to my mind. Thus, I learn the truth and the divine will becomes evident to me. In addition, the created world confirms this knowledge and testifies to the God's wisdom. For that reason, I cannot justify myself that I do not know what Jesus Christ wants me to do. Obviously, I can follow my own reasoning but always remembering that my mind should cooperate with the divine word. Otherwise, I would be limited and my mind darkened. Accordingly, I read the Good News diligently and find the spiritual light there. I do experience that the word of the Lord is living and effective. Since these words discern reflections and thoughts of my heart.  

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