Friday, October 4, 2013

Confusio faciei (Ba 1:15).

The look of shame.

As human beings we are weak and limited. We usually know about it and often are ashamed too. Nobody on the earth is free from his own constraints and limitations. Further, we commit sins and cannot stop making mistakes. However, the real problem is that we deny this fact. Obviously, each of us used to desobey God and did not listen to his voice carefully. Consequently, many times we broke the covenant with our God. Nevertheless, the good news is that Jesus Christ wishes to bring us out from such a pitiful condition. He is aware of our disobedience and disloyalty but he loves us and wants to destroy our bonds. Just in this way we are able to overcome our sins and to gain the victory of the everlasting life. Since with his grace we can cleanse ourselves and prepare the holy temple for the Holy Spirit in our heart. Therefore, help us God our Saviour, for the glory of your name. Pray wipe away our sins and rescue us for the sake of your holy name (Ps 79:9). Amen.

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