Saturday, October 19, 2013

Contra spem in spe (Rom 4:18).

Hoping against hope.

God sends us many witnesses to the faith. One of them is our father Abraham. He is an example for us all. For he believed in God and spoke with Yahweh. In this conversation he heard the promise of the Lord. Abraham listened carefully and fulfiled the will of God. In his whole life he lived by faith and shared his experience with his relatives. As Christians we are called to keep faith like him. In addition, we should give testimony to the Catholic faith. Since it is our strength and passport to the eternal life. The Lord is believed to remember his covenent for ever. So we can be sure that we belong to his beloved children as well. Eventually, we will enter the heavenly kingdom becoming holy as our predecessor. There we will rejoice and see the fulfilment of the God's promises made for a thousand generations.

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