Thursday, September 26, 2013

Factum est verbum Domini in manu (Hg 1:1).

The word of the Lord came through ...

The truth is that my ways and thoughts are often different from the God's ones. Since I have my own plans and ideas which I want to follow. However, I sometimes listen to the word of God and discover that my Lord has prepared the other plan for me. It is very often painful because I would not like to change my own point of view. I'd rather fulfill my own ideas. But Jesus invites me to consider my thoughts carefully so as not to make mistakes. He reminds me that my own endeavours do not make me happy at all. On the contrary, following them I become more and more unhappy and confounded. For I am a human being who desires to satisfy his own bodily and psychological longings. Thus, I forget that the spiritual matters are the most important in my life. And my Lord encourages me to remember this truth. I am called to go up into the hill country of divine wisdom and afterwards to share it with the people who also need the same. 

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