Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sectare patientiam, mansuetudinem (1 Tm 6:11).

Persue patience and gentleness.

I often lack of patience and gentleness. Therefore, I am to look for these virtues diligently. First of all, I need to examine my conscience if righteousness, devotion and love is there. Then, I should try to be patient and gentle as I live among people, although I am often egoistic and indifferent. For being focused on my own interests I lose the divine gifts. So I am called to make the noble confession in the presence of my sisters and brothers who are around me. I am to keep faith and to depend on the Lord. He gives me the better sight when I am not able to perceive the needs of people . Thus, I am being raised up from my low desires and invited to show the warmer love. Overall, I want to be kind towards the people I meet on my journey through life. 

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