Saturday, October 13, 2012

Vos unus estis in Christo Iesu (Gal 3:28).

You are all one in Christ Jesus.

Because our God is also our Father we are all strictly united as brothers and sisters. We are supposed to sing to him and to proclaim his wondrous deeds. For it would be ungrateful not to perceive all his miracles in the universe. In addition, we are to seek him constantly among us. He was, is and will be with us all the time guarding and supporting us. Without his grace we are not able to live even a moment. Since as children of God we start existing from him through our parents. And our whole life is to give him thanks for everything he has done for each of us. However, many people still have problems with hearing his voice and seeing his signs. They can discover beauty in the nature very easily, but they are not able to find its Source. For that reason, we are invited to read the Bible carefully. There are many hints to help us looking for the Creator. And everyone who does read the Scriptures has an opportunity to start talking with his Father from Heaven.

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