Thursday, October 18, 2012

Operarii autem pauci (Lk 10:2).

The laborers are few.

Nowadays Jesus also chooses his disciples to preach the Gospel. He calls them by name and sends around the world. For he knows very well that there are still peoples who do not recognize him as their Lord. There are still places on the world where circumstances are dangerous and difficult. Moreover, the needy live there and are waiting for the Good News. In these regions men and women are lacking freedom and divine graces. Therefore, first the apostles are to carry peace to human hearts. Especially, to the nations which are in the state of war and disturbance. They do desire rest from evil battles and bloodshed. To this people we are to proclaim that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand for them and God indeed wants them to be happy and to live in peace. For it is a vocation of both man and communities. In addition, all of us long to admire God's might and his glorious splendor. And we really are in need for holiness in our works and to understand that the Lord is near to us who call upon him in truth.       

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