Monday, October 29, 2012

Ut filii lucis ambulate (Eph 5:8).

Live as children of light.

Kindness and tenderness are characteristics of our God. As his children we are to be like God's beloved Son, Jesus Christ. He was compassionate and forgiving despite human weaknesses. He loved us so much that he was eager to remember only good things about us. Inspired by love he gave his life for us. In such a way, he became a fragrant aroma which arises up to the heavens. His desire was to make us holy and blameless. He wanted us to live as children of the divine light. As a result, we were supposed to become heirs of the Kingdom of God. And nothing is more important and essential in our life. For we are to behave as God's very dear children. Accordingly, we will delight in the aboundance of God's graces. Also we will produce good fruit and always prosper. 

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