Sunday, October 28, 2012

Quia factus sum pater (Jer 31:9).

For I am a father.

God is like the father who does great things for us. We are glad because we are children of such a Beloved One. If we follow his precepts, we are filled with joy. Since he leads us on the roads of our life. Also he restores our fortunes and defends us against the attacks of our enemies. Even if we are in danger, he is with us all the time. Moreover, he changes our troubles into good things. For these reasons, we are to offer gifts and sacrifices. We are to regret because of our sins and mistakes. And when our God sees that we are humble, he strengthens us to become similar to his only Son. In such a way, we can be priests to serve our Creator. But first, he has to heal our blindness and make us courageous. Consequently, we throw aside our bad habits and follow Christ wholeheartedly. At once we receive our sight and perceive the beautiful things in our lives. For we are fully aware of being the heirs of the divine graces. 

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