Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Per angustam portam (Lk 13:24).

Through the narrow gate...

Jesus is demanding. He wants us to improve and as a result to be saved. However, it cannot be done without any effort. Therefore, he encourages us to be strong and to try our best to enter the Kingdom of God. Consequently, we are to use every moment of our lives to become better and better. We are to ask and to search for God all the time. For without him we are not able to accomplish anything. Furthermore, he knows us very well and all our deeds. So, if we want to join the company of angels and saints, we need to regret our sins. And in this case we will see them in the heavenly Kingdom. Otherwise, we will suffer while departing from God. In the Heaven there will be time of joy and peace. There we will give thanks to the Lord and bless him. There we will contemplate the glorious splendor of God himself. Since God is faithful in all his words and in what he had promised too. But now there is opportune time to strive to enter his Kingdom. 

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