Monday, October 1, 2012

Homo simplex et rectus (Jb 1:8).

Blameless and upright.

God wants us to be blameless and upright. Satan enjoys when we are blameful and sinful. But it depends on us which one we choose to be our master. Many saints of the past desired God to be their Lord. And God blessed the work of their hands, but sometimes put them in front of temptation. In these difficult times, he could check whether they keep loving him or not. The holy people proved that they were worthy to be called God's children. And did not forget about him but believed in his mercy. Moreover, they prayed a lot even if they did not understand the will of God. They knew that God was the Lord and in his power was to give life and to take it away. Further, they were afraid to commit sin and have never said anything disrespectful of God. On the contrary, they inclined their ears to the God's voice and heard his words. Often with tears in their eyes they cried before God and asked him to have mercy on them. Although God tested their hearts with the fire of suffering, he found no malice in them.

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