Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Minister secundum donum gratiae Dei (Eph 3:7).

Minister by the gift of God's grace.

Everything we receive from our God is his gift. For that reason, we are to be thankful and to share it with one another. Especially spiritual gifts should be given to people who need them. And if we exchange them, we get much more in return. We are granted other new gifts of God's grace which are inscrutable and immeasurable. In such a way we become holier and holier. Moreover, we gain wisdom of God and his might to progress. It usually happens in the Church when we take part in the holy sacraments. There the gateway to the heavenly kingdom is open. There we draw water joyfully from the springs of salvation. There we become strong in the Lord and confident and unafraid. Overall, we ought to give thanks to our God and to witness among our brothers and sisters. Further, we are to let the Good News be known throughout all the earth. In this way, we can fulfill our vocation to be good missionaries and God's ministers. And it is required of us willing to follow Jesus Christ, our Lord and Master. 

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