Friday, October 19, 2012

In lumine audientur (Lk 12:3).

Will be heard in the light.

We ought to be sincere. It means that there should be a connection between our words and truth. However, we usuallly speak a lot but do not care about the truth. Subsequently, there is no good relationship between people. For the truth must be a fundament on which everything is being built. Not only the relation with God, but also with one another. On the other hand, lies destroy the best organizations and attack their roots. Therefore, we are to be afraid of speaking even white lies. Since our God, the Father of Truth, takes care of us and blesses us if we do live a honest life. He is not able to support liers nor people who are deceitful. His kindness is upon the ones who fight for the truth in their lives. He chooses them and talks to them about his love and justice. They are chosen for his own inheritance to give thanks and chant his praises. Furthermore, they who believed in him are sealed with the promised Holy Spirit and achieve salvation through the Gospel.  

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