Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Praecedet te angelus meus (Ex 23:23).

My angel will go before you.

We human beings cannot be angels, but we are called to be children of God. And it is our great honor to have God as our Father. Subsequently, it is our vocation to fulfill the role of child in our life. Further, it is the best way to enter the kingdom of heaven. First of all, we are to humble ourselves and to listen to God carefully. Through the Scripture he is calling us to place our trust and to abide in the shadow of the Almighty. Since he is our refuge and fortress. Moreover, he puts angels in charge to guard us in all our ways. They are supposed to rescue us from all the dangers, their pinions are to cover us and under their wings we can find the shelter from evil. As a result, we will not fear the terror of the night nor any problems. For we are sure that with their help no evil will befall us. In addition, we will be safe on our way to the heavenly kingdom. Only thing we are to do is to be attentive to them and to heed their voice. In such a way, we will achieve the goal of our earthly journey and live with God forever.

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