Friday, October 5, 2012

Sicut agnos inter lupos (Lk 10:3).

Like lambs among wolves.

The Good News is to be preached. However, most of the Christians seem not to know about it. In their opinion, they are not responsible for doing this ministry. Therefore, Jesus so often reminds us that we are called to follow his example and to be witnesses to others. Moreover, he cautions us about the difficulties with teaching people. Nevertheless, he sends us like the humble lambs among wolves who share bad tidings. He encourages us to go with peace which is so much needed nowadays. Since inner peace is a sign of the deep relationship with God. With this peace in hearts we are able to become fruitful preachers. It does not mean that we will earn a lot, but in such a way we will be worthy to receive the reward of the heavenly kingdom. Further, we will prove that the kingdom of God is at hand and we need to repent and believe in the Gospel. As Christians we are to wait for the Lord with courage and be stouthearted. In all of this we are to take the example of our Good Shepherd who was calm, humble and patient.  

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