Monday, October 8, 2012

Evangelium non est secundum hominem (Gal 1:10).

The Gospel is not of human origin.

The word of God comes into human heart directly. Nobody can teach us it but our Lord. When he speaks, you know that it is the truth which you need in your life. Subsequently, you feel grateful for his grace and power which you have received from Heaven. You praise your God for his great works and delights. Furthermore, you are sure that he is faithful and reliable. Through his words you always get the inspiration to love one another as you have been loved by Jesus Christ. If you listen to his Gospel carefully, you become kind-hearted and open for the needs of others. You will never pass by anybody in need, but will be moved with compassion at his sight. Also you will be ready to sacrifice yourself and your plans to help and care for people. You will not think just about your interest. On the contrary, you will treat everyone with mercy as you have been given it. In such a way, the Good News might be shared in the world with your good will and openess of heart.

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