Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sinite parvulos venire ad me (Mk 10:14).

Let the children come to me.

There are many difficult issues in our lives. Nonetheless, Jesus invites us to become like a child. In our opinion, children usually do not know how to cope with big problems. However, their attitude is very interesting. If they meet something what is too complicated , they ask their parents to help them. And their parents usually come and support them. We are to be similar to them in this attitude toward God, our Father. We can always ask him for help if we are not strong enough. There might be serious troubles either in our communities or in our relationships, but we do have opportunity to appeal for light to the beloved Father. And our Lord explains us that sometimes the difficult periods are to make us perfect through suffering. In this way we are being taught how to depend on God completely. Many times when we overcome difficulties, we can see that they were needed to strengthen us. In addition, we discover later how much good we have already received from God and our relatives. Also we understand that everything can be a blessing if we go trhough it with our Lord. May he only bless us all the days of our lives. 

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