Friday, October 12, 2012

Digito Dei eicio daemonia (Lk 11:20).

By the finger of God.

Jesus is with us all the time. He is our strength in the fight against the devil. With him we are able to manage everything in our life but we must be inwardly undivided. If we are for Jesus Christ, we cannot agree for any sin. We are to have only one Master who is our Lord and Winner over the death. In his humbleness he has shown us how to prevail against the evil. Where Son of God is, there is the heavenly Kingdom. And his grace helps us to cleanse us from our weaknesses and to make us strong enough in the battle for good. However, we must be well prepared and cautious not to be defeated. Since even a small agreement for the lightest sin might lead us to captivity. The reason is that the unclean spirits roam through the world to find weak people to capture them. Therefore, we are supposed to give thanks to the Lord with all our hearts in the company and assembly of the just. In such a way, we will be secure from the tricks of the devil. Moreover, we will enjoy in his wondrous deeds and adore the majesty and glory of our beloved Father. Since he is mindful of his covenant to give us the inheritance of his Kingdom.  

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