Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sapiens corde est et fortis robore (Jb 9:4).

Wise in heart and mighty in strength.

It is hard to get to know God. However, we have some hints from the Scriptures which describe him. Two very important God's characteristics are wisdom and might. They are so splendid that we even cannot compare our reasoning and strength with him. For we are just humans who are created by him. Our wisdom comes from his Wisdom and our strength has its source in his Might. As Bible says God is able to remove the mountains which means that he can do anything. In addition, the whole universe depends on him. Since he commands the sun and it rises; he also seals up all the stars. Everything what is created takes its being from him. With his great power he does wonderful things beyond reckoning. But at the same time, he is hidden from our sight. He uses his delicacy and it is difficult to recognise his steps and signs. We are worthy neither to compete with him nor to discuss. His mysteries are too profound and we are not able to perceive them. For that reason, our best attitude toward him is to stay in calmness and humbleness. Sometimes we can appeal to him and ask him for his light. If we do so, we might receive his divine gifts such as divine wisdom and strength.  

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