Friday, October 5, 2012

Manum meam ponam super os meum (Jb 40:4).

I put my hand over my mouth.

The best attitude toward God is to abide in silence. For usually we speak too much and we do not know how to listen. Although we have two ears and only one mouth, we do not use these limbs accurately. If we heard God carefully, we would be aware of his presence in our lives. Since he is with us as we sit and as we stand; as we sleep and as we awake, always. Moreover, his Spirit gives us life and we can exist because of his grace. And there is no place in the universe where God is absent. For that reason, we are not able to hide anything from his sight. Everywhere his hand guides us and holds us fast. From the beginning of our life he forms our inmost being and our end is in his plans too. So we are to be grateful for all his blessings through our whole life. Further, we need to hear his voice and to fulfill his divine will. We should not harden our hearts when he calls us to sacrifice ourselves in accordance with his will. But just in silence we are able to understand his precepts fully and then to follow them. Subsequently, we are to admire God for his wonderful works in our lives.  

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