Saturday, October 27, 2012

Mensura donationis Christi (Eph 4:7).

Measure of Christ's gift.

Christ came to the world to give us everything and to explain us where it comes from. He visited us because of his great love and caring for each of us. We often forget about it and try to live by our own. However, all our gifts and talents have their source in him. First of all, we live because he wanted us to exist on the world. Secondly, we are able to study and work because he gave us this possibility. Next, he did equip us for the task we are going to fulfill. And our aim is to build up the Body of Christ on the earth so that we could achieve the reward of eternal life. Since our starting point is God and also our end is located in him. We are supposed to live the truth in love and grow in every way to be holy. It should be our program of life which will make us rejoice. Overall, we are to be thankful for all God's graces given to us.

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