Sunday, October 14, 2012

Nemo bonus, nisi unus Deus (Mk 10:18).

No one is good but God alone.

It is good to come close to Jesus Christ. However, when we approach him, we must be prepared for hard words. For he knows us very well and always speaks to our heart directly. Sometimes it hurts, because we often do not want to open ourselves for truth. But in front of Jesus we cannot hide anything as he is able to see us through. Although he is very gentle with us, he uses every occasion to make us better. And when he looks at us with love, his eyesight has power to soften our heart and to make it similar to his divine heart. Furthermore, he says only what is the most necessary for each of us and shows the best way to his heavenly kingdom. Afterwards, we usually have to change our way of life and follow him completely. But always it depends on us if we take his message seriously. We are also able to forget his words and live our life as before. In this case we will become sad and unhappy. On the other hand, if we do follow his steps, everything will be prossible for us. We will receive hundreds times more now in this present age and eternal life in the age to come.  

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