Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Soluta in caelo (Mt. 18:18)

Jesus knows the heart of every human being and life situation in a community. That is why Jesus teaches what should be done when someone has done something wrong. This teaching is called Community Discourse. A true Christian community should be characterized by this teaching.

In this teaching, Jesus points out that making mistakes is human nature and forgiveness is the nature of God. Jesus likes that sinners must be saved not to be punished. Therefore the stress is on reconciliation and healing broken relationships. Reconciliation always goes beyond solving problems and resolving conflicts. It involves welcoming and integrating a totally guilty person or the wrongdoer into the activities and the life of the community.

We pray and hope that our community and every Christian community should manifest the teaching of Jesus. And may our hearts be a place where the forgiveness, peace, and love of God reign and have the power there. Therefore, we can proclaim the true love, serve each other, and maintain our unity as one family and members of Christ’s Body. Brothers and sisters, a Christian community that has forgiveness and reconciliation will experience God's liberation and presence.

By Fr. Risco Batbual, SVD.

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