Saturday, August 22, 2020

Magister vester unus (Mt. 23:10)


Today’s gospel challenges us all, especially for those who have special professions in society. I am sure some of us have witnessed that there are people who take advantage of their position to get some profit.  They are privileged in some cases. In the midst of that kind of mentality, many people get shocked when someone with an important position appears very modest, doesn’t want to be controlled, and wants to be treated particularly.

Well, in fact, our profession is our mission. Each one of us was chosen to be “someone” to serve others.  This is the type of leadership that Christ intended.  As a leader, someone must come down and listen to the complaints of those entrusted to him/her. This kind of mentality is taught by Christ to become a Leader with a servant attitude. 

Question for us to reflect on: Do I fulfill my profession with full responsibility and in accordance with the values of the Scripture?  God wants our profession to be our mission. Let us carry out and practice our vocation with the responsibility according to God's will and plan. 

Mary, Mother of God, the Queen of heaven always gives us a good example of her relationship with God and other people.  We pray and ask God to guide us so that we become a good example for others.  We ask Mary to pray for us. Peace and goodwill.

By Sr. Yanti Purnawati, SFSC.

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