Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Vae hypocritae (Mt. 23:25)


During the coronavirus pandemic, we always wear masks everywhere. Masks cover not only our faces but also our expressions. We can't see other people's smiles anymore. People can hide their smiles, anger, and resentment under a mask. But now there are also many people wearing masks that designed with smiling lips on it. With that mask, People become look cheerful even though they are sad. People look friendly even though they are not friendly.

Jesus speaks against the religious leaders of His time. They were hypocrites in whose lives there was no coherence between word and attitude, between exterior and interior. Jesus' metaphor of the cup and plate shows the state of our hearts, minds, and spirits. The outside of the cup could be described as our mask. Jesus usually looks at our hearts and tells us that we cannot live in a state of sin.

Jesus is in opposition to those who clean things only on the surface even though there is still a dirt inside. Today we are invited to show our authenticity in order to behave fairly and honestly. We realize that living an honest and simple life is more valuable than using empty words. Our love for others should flow from our faithfulness. There should be no conflict between our words and deeds. Let's ask God for this special grace.

 By Fr. Fransiskus M. Diaz, SVD.

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