Thursday, August 13, 2020

Time Dominum (Prov. 3:7)


The fall of man into sin in the garden of Eden led to the difficulties of life that humans must face. A life that is comfortable and happy, a life that does not have difficulties, fights, and misery provided by God is not successfully maintained by Adam and Eve, so that humans and his descendants have to work very hard, compete with others in their lives, and sometimes have to do efforts in their life that can lead them to complicated, complex, and contentious problems. Even so, God still promises and provides a way of salvation for humans. God has given Jesus Christ as a path of truth and perfect life not limited to earthly life. Thus we can achieve the eternal and heavenly life, the kind of life which God had offered to Adam and Eve before the serpent came to tempt Eve in the garden. 

God comes again through Christ with His laws and statutes as the center of Christian teaching which is based on love. The opportunity to follow the laws and statutes is still open for those who want to accept Christ and fulfill His laws and statutes which means loving God and fellow humans like yourself.

Typically humans born from the sin are attracted by earthly wealth but at the same time they look for the eternal salvation. The traits are alive in every human being and often competes. When they are competing, a choice should be made. It is easy to choose from the two things: peacefulness on the earth or rather peacefulness in the eternal Kingdom which was promised by God through His Son Jesus Christ. The definite and ideal answer is the second one, which is the eternal salvation. 

God's decision is to offer the gift of salvation. He does not want to destroy humans even though they have fallen into sin. God still gives humans the freedom to enjoy life in the world. However, this life must be led in accordance with the wisdom from the Scriptures. It definitely leads people to salvation.

By Ceisy Nita Wuntu.

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