Wednesday, August 19, 2020

In vineam (Mt. 20:4)


Many people think that they have done many evil deeds or they have many sins, and because of that God can’t forgive them. But they are wrong because God’s mercy has no limits. He always forgives sinners and accepts them back as His beloved children.

The parable in today’s Gospel invites us to understand God's mercy more clearly. A landowner employs several people to work in his vineyard at different times.  Even though they worked at different times, the landowner pays the same wages for all of them.  Those who work in the morning until those who work in the evening are the same. All of them get one denarius. We also hear that there is a complaint about the payments received by those who worked early because it seems that what they have done is not appreciated. But with this complaint, Jesus explains the value of the generosity of God, who is generous to everyone without exception.

When we get forgiveness from God, all our sins are washed away. We become completely clean. Whether they are big or small sins, God can forgive all of them. And remember that no need to complain to God because God also forgives our neighbors or others whom we think are more sinful and wicked than us. What we need to do is thanking God because He always forgives us. And when we thank God, we will be more worthy to receive God’s mercy. Let us learn from God’s mercy and His generosity; try to live and practice it out in our daily lives. If we love others, God also will love us.

By Fr. Risco Batbual, SVD.

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