Sunday, August 9, 2020

Habete fiduciam (Mt. 14:27)


We all want to walk on solid ground and be safe wherever we go. But, to grow we have to take risks, trust and learn from our failures.

When Jesus was walking on the Sea of Galilee, His disciples thought that He was a ghost so they were afraid. Peter recognized Jesus and asked him if he could also walk on the water and Jesus responded immediately by granting his request.

Peter left the rocking boat and began to walk on the waves. But the wind was so strong he became frightened and began to sink. He had taken his eyes off Jesus and was looking at the waves. He was afraid of drowning, and his fear was stronger than his trust in Jesus.

Maybe Peter’s desire to walk on the water like Jesus was impulsive; maybe he just wanted to show the other disciples that he was the greatest among them. I think Jesus wanted to test Peter’s faith to see how great it was and Peter did not pass the test, he failed. But in spite of this, Jesus reached out to him and rescued him.

Peter was very human just like we are. He shows us how he wanted to be like Jesus; but his faith faltered, and he doubted in his ability to be like Him.

Jesus was trying to teach his disciples that, no matter what adversities, challenges and struggles life brought them, the Father’s love would always be with them, but they must put their total trust in him.

We sometimes feel like we are being tossed around in our boats in the storms of our lives. Our worries and problems generate fear and disturbance in our hearts. It is at times like this that Jesus reaches out to us and rescues us.

As we continue our lives in these strange times, we are living with fear and worries, as we experience Covid 19.

Even if we are struggling with doubt, know that God’s plan for our future and the future of those around us is greater than us.

Lord, teach us to put our trust in you. Protect us when we think we are sinking. Give us the courage to go forth and offer ourselves to you in a new way every day. Amen.

By Fr. Rajesh Minz, UK.

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