Friday, August 7, 2020

Turbae multae (Lk. 5:15)

When we read about the journey of Jesus who served a lot of people, healed the blind and the lame, and made great miracles to people, it should make people feel amazed by these actions. Unfortunately, admiration from these people is a temporary admiration. The admiration that can only happen when they are involved.

This was what Jesus Christ felt that time. When there was a lot of people healed, a lot of people followed Him. So many people followed Him to seek grace and miracle for their life. But after they got healed, they went away from Him.

This story gives us a picture that these people who see Jesus Christ only want His grace and miracles and they don’t desire for Him. After they got what they want, they went away and left. They were not faithful to follow Jesus. We already know that Jesus can make a miracle everywhere and anytime to anyone. What Jesus wants us to do is not to seek His miracles only, but to seek Him to love Him, be faithful to Him, obey Him and enjoy Him forevermore.

Jesus is God who came to the earth to live with humans that He will save them by His death on the cross. But humans just love what He can do than love Jesus Himself.

Now, when we are facing our God, in prayer. What is in our hearts and mind? Do we come to Him just to ask something? Or do we wait for a miracle happen to our life? Or do we love Him? Asking or hoping something from God is not wrong or a mistake. Just don’t leave Him when we can’t see a miracle happening to our lives and walk away from Him. Let us love and desire Him personally not because we have something to Him.

By Yulius Telaumbanua, Indonesia.

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