Saturday, August 15, 2020

Benedicta tu (Lk. 1:42)


The simplicity of Mary leads her heart and soul to God. Although she was the Mother of God, blessed among women, she did not live the life of a princess. In fact, as a poor village girl at that time, excitedly run to her cousin’s house to share her great joy.  Usually, people easily get irritated and become unhappy because of the success of others. They are jealous and cannot see their friends enjoy life. Mary is teaching us, that we should live in harmony, support each other, share common goods, and so on.

Mary’s humbleness and simplicity touched the gate of heaven so that God exalted her above all living persons. Sometimes in my life, it is hard for me to accept any kind of humiliation. I am not humble enough like Mary. With Mary, the Mother of God and our mother, let us pray to be able to follow the path of holiness, so that one day we may share in the eternal choir of heaven. 

By Sr. Yanti Purnawati, SFSC.

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