Thursday, August 27, 2020

Da nobis hodie (Mt. 6:11)


Life is usually understood as kinds of various conditions experienced by human beings on earth: happiness, peace, wealth, health, wisdom, certainty, uncertainty, fairness, unfairness, suffering, and many other conditions. In seeking happiness,  pleasure, or satisfaction, many times one hurts others, using others, and many other things that can not be tolerated, and even crime. 

God teaches us to work hard in order to live a happy life. God doesn't forbid us to be happy, to be joyful, to experience pleasure, and satisfaction. For God promised human beings a comfortable and happy life in the Garden of Eden. Our Lord, Jesus Christ leads us towards eternal life with perfect and holy happiness. We also can experience happiness during our journey to the real home in heavens. Jesus shows us the way... He teaches us to have food enough for today... He doesn't teach us to have many excessive things... 

Accordingly, we should be grateful for every blessing. We should not hurt or cheat others... God wants us to be grateful... God doesn't force us to cross an ocean or climb a high mountain every day.

If only we can have enough food, that's enough... The Lord teaches us about sufficiency and simplicity. In any circumstances, we still can enjoy the perfect and holy happiness and joyfulness in our life. It happens if we live side by side with our God according to Jesus Christ's teaching.

By Ceisu Nita Wuntu.

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